Shivaji Maharaj’s Jayanti

#Naman on Shivaji’s Jayanti . Phalguna Krishna Tritiya (Amavasyant).
“More than any other step by Shivaji, the developments following his passing away and the unbelievably inhuman martyrdom of Sambhaji denoted the vision and mission that Shivaji had bequeathed to posterity. Finding that the dreaded Shivaji was no more, Aurangzeb himself descended on his kingdom and over-ran it forcefully. But soon enough, the whole area seemed to be on fire. Every house became a fort and every able-bodied youth a soldier of Hindavi Swaraj. New commanders displaying unparallel heroism and ability in guerilla warfare rose up to launch fierce attacks on the enemy’s force. One, Dhanaji, pierced right up to Aurangzeb’s royal tent, but as luck would have it, the latter was away, so Dhanaji carried away the golden insignia on his royal tent! In spite of a four-year-long struggle with a vast army and able war veterans, Aurangzeb succumbed to the attack to eat the dust of Swaraj and was buried at Aurangabad in the south, now named Sambhaji Nagar. Along with him lay forever buried the glory and power of the mighty Mughals. It also heralded the saffron morning of the rising sun of Swaraj”. – Shradheya Sri H.V.Seshadri