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Narada Jayanti – 2016


Devarshi Narada Jayanthi 2016 Celebrations In Hyderabad

Samachara Bharathi, Telangana, organised the Narad Jayanti on 28th May, 2016 at Keshava Memorial High School, Hyderabad. The celebration was graced by Sri Mandali Buddha Prasad, deputy speaker of Andhra Pradesh, as Chief Guest, Vaddi Vijaya Sarathi, former editor of Jagrithi weekly, and presided by B. Narasimha Murthy, vice president of Samachar Bharathi.

The function was formally organised with lighting of lamp, honouring of the dignitaries and offering floral tributes to Bharat Mata and Devarishi Narad.

The event started with an interactive session on “Dr. Ambedkar and His National Perspective”, where journalists shared their views and ideas. The common observation of the journalists was that some organisations are deliberately distorting Dr. Ambedkar’s views of nation, to suit their personal agenda and to avoid this wrong perception, everyone should read the life Dr. Ambedkar’s life and his books.

Sri, Vaddi Vijaya Sarathi, in his address, said three key points of Dr. Ambedkar’s life should be noted by everyone to understand his national perspective. He added that three key points of Ambedkar’s life were how he exposed British rule in India with several facts and figures in 1931, his thoughts on Pakistan book written in 1941, and his conversion to Buddism in 1956.

Sri. Mandali Buddha Prasad in his address said the current journalists should be well versed with various fields of society, and should have high and moral integrity in questioning small and big mistakes prevailing in the current society in the interest of common man.  He also added that media is one of the biggest force with the capability to influence the legislative decision makers. Keeping all these noble responsibilities, journalists should be more and more cautious and conscious in their profession.

The event was attended by nearly 140 journalists working in various organisations in the Telugu and English media.