Narada Jayanti

Decolonize Journalism – Narada Jayanti 2017

For the last 10 years, Vishwa Samvad Kendra , Samachara Bharati Cultural Association has been conducting Narada Jayanti as World Journalists Day.
We are happy that over the years, this program has caught up in other parts of the country and is being celebrated with lots of enthusiasm.
Each year we felicitate some senior journalists too. This year 4 senior journalists Sri SankaraNarayana of Eenadu, Smt. Aruna Ravi Kumar of Gemini TV were felicitated with Sri Vadlamudi RamMohan Rao Smaarak Puraskar. Sri Shiv Kumar (formerly with The Hindu )  and Sri Vidyaranya of Hindi Milap were felicitated with Sri Bhandaru Sadasiva Rao Smaaraka Puraskar. All of them shared their insights on this occasion.
Sri Vijay Babu, State Information Commissioner  was the chief guest. Speaking on the occasion, he recollected the special association he has with all the 4 senior journalists who were felicitated. He said that these 4 have stood against a lot of pressure to present truth as it stands. He mentioned Narada has been demeaned by films as a comedian and therefore the nation does not know of the great knowledge as a mass communicator that Narada shared.

State Information Commissioner Sri Vijay Babu

Sri Nanda Kumar, Akhil Bharateeya Samyojak of Pragna Pravaah recalled his life as a journalist in Kerala. He said there is a difference between having a Successful life and having Meaningful Life . People have begun to compare success with how high in the ladder one has climbed whereas a meaningful life is built on values. Journalism has to be saved by journalists themselves from the falling standards by standing for Truth.
He said there is a need for de-colonising the entire education system including history and Media education. If Narada Sutras are included in journalism courses, the journalist fraternity and thereby the nation as a whole will stand enlightened. He said the journalists are the soul, the Aatma of the nation.
The program was attended and appreciated by over 200 journalists and friends from the mass communication fraternity.