A Name that became a synonym for service – Vishnu Kumarji

When on old Swayamsevak from New Delhi named Mayaram Matang expressed a desire to write a book on Vishnuji’s life and achievements – he flatly refused saying that this is not possible so long as he was alive – since his sole identity was linked to Sewa Bharti.

An engineering degree in sugar technology in the decade of 1950s, a joining letter from Hindustan Aircraft Limited – what could have been a better career opening for a young man at 23 ? Perhaps the dreams of this seventh child of the prosperous Rajoria Family of Akkirampur, about 90 km from Bengaluru – were quite different from the rest of the world. He wished to serve the poor and needy persons residing in slums to improve their living standard, he wished to provide a respectable home and life to children abandoned on the streets. Thus, in 1962 when Vishnu Rajoria sought his father’s permission “Shri Anant Rajauria ji”to become a Sangh Pracharak – his father understood instantly that his son would never return home.

Credited with the creation of a wide series of service network in North India – from New Delhi to Bhopal – in spite of having a birthplace in South India, Vishnuji was universally acknowledged as a synonym for service by the time he reached the final phase of life. The poor don’t get medicines, and if they do get or purchase medicines – it will be at the cost of the wages of a hard day’s labor. Vishnuji’s sense of acute pain at such turn of events gave birth to the first mobile medical van in New Delhi – and today several such mobile vans are providing free medicines, first aid and treatment to poor slum dwellers. It was under his inspiration and guidance – that Matrachaya was first established in New Delhi and subsequently in Bhopal – for ensuring a respectable life for those unfortunate children abandoned on the streets. Today, 36 Mattruchaya centres spread all across India – have enabled thousands of childless couples to adopt children and experience the joys of parenthood.

In a similar manner, he was instrumental in the opening of several employment training centers, knitting centers for women and cultural centers for children. When Vishnuji left New Delhi and began his noble work in Madhya Pradesh – people in large numbers joined him and his mission – resulting in the establishment of service centers at all corners of Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Kshetra Sewa Pramukh Shri Gorelal Barche – reveals the fact that Shri Guruji’s inspiration resulted in the opening of 21 youth hostels, 6 Matrachaya, besides 400 service oriented tasks.

When Vishnuji reached New Delhi from Kanpur after becoming Regional Pracharak – he implemented the Sangh’s instruction of beginning several new service projects for the deprived and downtrodden segments of society. When a scheme for such tasks materialized – Vishnuji himself started teaching children on the footpath. On witnessing this, a gentleman rushed to the spot with a chair for Vishnuji. Later, this gentleman named Lala Ram Singh Gupta – gave a financial contribution for constructing the three-Storeyed hostel Seva Bharati –Seva Sadan at Sawan Park area of New Delhi- where poor intelligent students from all across India – are able to study together. It is often said that a gigantic personality resided in the thin, five feet tall physical frame of Vishnuji that attracted divergent people to contribute physically, mentally or financially – some even dedicated their entire life to service.

Several young men like Shyamji Gupta – the international General Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Swant Ranjanji etc. became Sangh pracharaks under Vishnuji’s influence, and performed unique and noble tasks. The International Convenor of Sewa International and senior pracharak Shri Shyam Parande – who spent several years in Vishnuji’s company, reveals the fact that Vishnuji literally ruled the hearts of donors – whatever amount he needed for service projects – was received instantly. Whether it was the Gopaldham hostel in New Delhi or the Sewa Dham temple in Bhopal – somebody gave steel, somebody gave bricks, somebody gave construction material and land – all free of cost – simply at the request of Vishnuji Even when Vishnuji was suffering from serious illness and was on his deathbed – he used to speak to donors on the telephone and succeeded in arranging funds for service projects.

Vishnuji was so engrossed in the service – that he would not accept any introduction of himself outside the ambit of Sewa Bharti, when on old Swayamsevak from New Delhi named Mayaram Matang expressed a desire to write a book on Vishnuji’s life and achievements – he flatly refused saying that this is not possible so long as he was alive – since his sole identity was linked to Sewa Bharti. The seed of service sown through such commitment and service motto by Vishnuji – has today grown into a huge tree of service providing help through varied service projects – to the poor and needy people across the nation.

Whoever wished to understand Vishnuji, may do so through the following memorable words of RSS Sarkaryavah Hon. Bhaiyaji Joshi – “Vishnuji never stopped for means, never felt tired on not getting requisite cooperation, and never bowed down before overwhelming circumstances”.